Mystikal Motions
Notice Rate Increase as of January 1, 2016
RATES : $100 per hour   $50 per half hour

Description of Services

60/90 Min Relaxation Massage

60 or 90 minutes of gentle effluerage and flushing techniques.  Infrared Bio-mat available
60/90 Min Sports Massage Therapy 
60 or 90 minutes of active release techniques, sports stretching and rehabilitative flushing to improve mobility, reduce scar tissue and detoxify the body.  Session may be  performed on Infrared Bio-mat

60 Min Allergy Sinus Cleanse
60 minutes of aroma therapy and gentle flushing techniques while opening the ribs, neck, head and shoulders...also feet and calves.
Helpful for headaches, shoulder tension, and overall relaxation

60 min Pregnancy Massage
60 minutes of relaxation using a side laying position to relax the pelvis and back...choice of hot oil or therapy creme. Using gentle circular motions and gentle flushing to increase circulation and increasing nutrient flow to your little one. If you are interested in more information on how pregnancy massage can help you through these long 9 months please feel free to contact me about Doula and Chiropractic services. Aromatherapy comes standard if you are sensitive to smell please let me know.

60min Infant/Pediatric Massage
Infant and Pediatric massage are essential to your little one. They have muscles too they are just really tiny. The birthing experience can be very traumatic to your babes little body. This session will increase circulation, ease colic, and allow for a better sleep during the night. The parent is present during the massage and will sign a minor permission slip. All of our cremes and oils are natural and nutrient filled to replenish overall skin health.

Siesta Service 60 min
60 minutes of Infrared Amethyst Crystal Bio-mat detoxing.  
This service is a single meditation for 45 minutes allowing 15 minutes for transition.  
This is without hands on therapy.  Aroma therapy is available.

90 Min Hot Stone Therapy
90 minutes of ultimate relaxation. Using warm stones, rain drop therapy and warm oils to gently release tough muscles and tension. Warning: extreme relaxation will occur please allow yourself a moment to wake up once we are finished.

*Rain Drop Therapy uses essential oils to gently release toxins and blockages along your spine and central nervous system.
Facial Mud Wrap
60 minutes of relaxation starting with an Arbonne Detox Sea source green clay and sea mineral mask.  A warm oil neck shoulders and face massage to follow.  You will glow and radiate relaxation!
Back or body wraps
90 Minutes of relaxation on an Infrared Bio-mat while wrapping your body in luxurious green sea clay. Then you wrap and loose inches in one session. A warm oil relaxation massage to enrich your skin with healthy nutrients that will replace what areas toxins have done their worst. 
**Follow-up hydration uses Arbonne 5-n-1 massage oil

Hands and Feet Massage
This is a full hour of detailed Hands and feet massage (includes calves and forearms) Using warm oil and soothing Essential Oils every detail of the hands and feet are thoroughly worked to increase blood flow, mobility, and performance. Please wash and and feet before service. We may add on a wrap or paraffin dip (please indicate at time of booking so we may prepare properly)

Qigong Level 1 Form & Meditation
60 minutes of stretching and Breathing to improve joint health, Lung capacity, and overall body reflexes. Qi-gong is a traditional Chinese exercise that increases blood flow from your fingers to your nose to your toes and back again. Please bring Yoga mat and Water bottle. *Private and group sessions available

**Event rates may vary, but most are $1.00/minute.
***Ask about our Customer Loyalty Program***

Gift Certificates

If you require a gift certificate for a gift please allow time for printing.  
Comes complete with an envelope, (holiday certificates are wrap able)

Retail Items 
Amethyst crystal Infrared professional Bio-mat $1695, $60 shipping
Amethyst Crystal Infrared Bio-mat Pillow                             $550, $30 Shipping